Reality Blind - Vol. 1

though the last nations with oil will dominate the others. It’s an odd sort of patriotism, this competition to weaken each nation as fast as possible.

The Bottom Line: We generally must run faster and faster to maintain our current production levels. Drilling holes in the ground is not sustainable.

The Fracking Truth

Summary: One of the big energy stories in mass media in the US these days is the so-called shale revolution . If you accept the promoted story at face value, the 21st century will be a magic-carpet ride of fracked crude oil and natural gas abundance. Based on this story, many people now believe that the US produces more oil than it uses (it doesn’t), tha t something called “peak oil theory” has been discredited (it hasn’t), and that there are thousands of years’ worth of oil and gas left in the US (there aren’t). So, what is this “revolution” really about?

First, about the so- called “peak oil” theory, which we haven’t mentioned per se. This is no theory at all, merely a statement of the dead-obvious fact


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