Reality Blind - Vol. 1

“winning” means maintaining influence, feeding and supplying their people, and stuff like that. Yet you’re burning all your own oil as fast as you can extract it. One would be tempted to see this as an insidious anti-USA plot, except that it’s championed by those who fashion themselves as patriots! Disclaimer: as an alien, I don’t give a gnarf’s piftum which human nations win; it’d be odd, like having favorite anthills. But it’s frequently my role here to point out the central illogic in the current human modus operandi. I suppose part of this comes down to your word “energy”, which lumps together many qualities and aspects which to my species’ way of thinking are functionally quite distinct. And it’s not that the USA is the only nation doing this…there seems to be a flat- out race to the bottom of the oil barrel, an international ‘potlatch’ of sorts in which everyone seems to want to run out of usable energy first. This would be the animal equivalent of running rapidly in circles until dying, which in nature implies some sort of serious mental problem. Getting tight oil is like using a vacuum cleaner after sweeping a room; it’s a high energy method to capture the hardest-to-get, smallest amounts of dirt after you’ve sufficiently cleaned the room by sweeping. This is effectively draining America first.

The Bottom Line: By using non-renewable resources, particularly energy, we are effectively ‘draining America first’.


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