Reality Blind - Vol. 1

especially when dealing with preexisting or strongly held beliefs, such as 'we have plenty of oil', or 'the market will find a solution' or 'climate change isn't manmade or urgent'. The “left brain” isn’t necessarily smarter or more correct than the right brain. But it is only our left- brain hemisphere that has a ‘voice’ for communicating with others – emanating from 'Brocas area’, the speech control center of our brains. Any findings and opinions analyzed by our perceptive and intuitive right hemispheres must first travel through the left hemisphere before leaving our mouths as communication. So not only are you being bombarded by made up stories coming from Russian bots, Madison Avenue and elsewhere, your own left brain is editing and re-interpreting the experiences of your other brain areas without you being aware of it. This is just one simple but important example of the ramifications of modularity. TaaL: One of your biggest “blind spots” is that you mistake the nature of your own cognitive existence. You exist within a persistent illusion of “unitary self,” as though you’re a single spiri t piloting a meat machine through its paces. Science (such as that described above) has now shown definitively that this is far from your true nature. You’re each a committee organized around a central delusion. Thus, very few humans so far can be said to be truly “self - aware.”

Retroactive Confabulation

"All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions."

Leonardo Da Vinci

“ Consciousness is not a single generalized process. It's an emergent property that arises locally out of hundreds or thousands of widely-distributed specialized systems and modules. From moment to moment, different modules compete for attention and the winner serves as the neural


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