Reality Blind - Vol. 1

a means to an end. The utility of consciousness to the gene is that it has the leeway to innovate outside the evolutionary process; and this leeway means that — at least in principle — a mind can disconnect itself from servitude to the gene’s agenda and operate “outside the box” of Raisin Bran. The Bottom Line: Evolution isn’t a charmed or magical process, it’s just molecules and energy doing an unusually complex downhill roll.

The Pinnacle of Creation (Not)

Summary: In our culture, there is a common belief that humans (and maybe even American humans) are the natural pinnacle of the process of evolution. It seems obvious that simpler organisms should eventually ascend the scaffolding of the mountain of life to emerge — clever and victorious — at the summit as fully- formed and functional electricity-wielding apes. But this narrative just shows our hubris. A gene doesn't care if it survives any more than a raindrop


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