Reality Blind - Vol. 1

to a deep future in which humans thrive. It controls how you are programmed to feel, but you can control how you choose to feel.

It is possible to repudiate this inborn agenda — and you must! — ,but as powerful as the Gene Agenda is in individual brains, it is even more dominant in large human groups, for it becomes the inherited “common denominator” for default human reactions. It hold s dominion over your reptilian brain system, doling out pleasure rewards and imposing unpleasant behavioral penalties for diverging from its well- worn path. So, it’s good to bear in mind that it doesn’t care about you: to the Gene Agenda you’re a disposabl e body which only exists to reproduce and die. In parting, I’ll give you some classic relationship advice: you can do better . The Bottom line: We are born with heritable modules prepared to react to context in predictable ways –the ‘agenda of the gene’. This ‘agenda’ is not set in stone but creates tendencies— in the same way water ‘prefers’ to flow downhill. Water can and is redirected. Our behaviors can be as well.

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