Reality Blind - Vol. 1

Not only is there not a mechanism in current human society – as now constituted – to stop using coal, but most PV construction in the USA and other ‘developed’ nations has been outsourced to China, where they are primarily built using some of the wor ld’s most wasteful coal energy and most lax pollution controls. CO2 thus politically becomes China’s “fault” because it’s making your stuff! How very human! The Bottom Line: With GDP as your current goal, scaling wind, solar, and renewables merely expands the burning of fossil hydrocarbons.

Renewables Point #3: A Story That Never Gets Fully Told - Not This Civilization

Summary: Let’s summarize this section:

1) Renewable technology harnesses renewable flows of the sun. The flows are renewable but the technology to harness them is as complex and resource intensive as the construction of a Ford truck. This technology is better labeled ‘rebuildable’, not renewable.


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