Reality Blind - Vol. 1


DJ White

DJ directs the organization EarthTrust, which he founded in 1976 to intervene in ecological crisis situations, and is a director of Greenpeace Foundation and other NGO’s. Originally an oil industry geophysicist, he changed course in the early 70’s to protect the environment and threatened species, with a particular focus on whales and dolphins. Since that time he has created a number of successful organizations, movements, and global campaigns. He was a founder of Greenpeace USA and Greenpeace International and created the Greenpeace international dolphin campaign, serving as its original director. His creations have included the first purchase and outfitting of a whaling- confrontation vessel, the successful international campaign for a global pelagic driftnets ban, establishing the first international dolphin-saving tuna licensing program, coordinating the adaptation of field DNA technology to police illegal whaling; designing, establishing and overseeing the “Delphis” dolphin-research lab which first demonstrated dolphin self-awareness, fielding teams to successfully accelerate the snuffing of the Kuwait oil fires after Gulf War 1, and overseeing the only successful termination of a longstanding national dolphin drive kill. He has fielded dozens of other global interventions, missions, audacious schemes and new concepts through various Greenpeace entities, EarthTrust, Flipper Foundation, and other organizations. White has worked since 2010 at describing alternate mechanisms, theory and disciplines to steer change in human systems, which he has referred to collectively as “effectivism”. Working with Nate to nail down the basic underlying scaffolding for this - a synthesis description of reality vs human mind - is considered one step towards this goal, and is reflected in these materials.


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