Reality Blind - Vol. 1

The Bottom Line: The future is probabilistic. The relative probability of a class of futures changes constantly based on what happens in the Now. Futures move from the possible to the impossible (or inevitable) as one draws closer to them.

On the Issue of Boundaries

The same question can have different answers depending on where one draws the boundaries of analysis for the question. The “Occupy” movement in America was concerned with more equality for U.S. citizens – the 99% vs the 1%. But under a wider boundary of more equality for all humans alive , even the poor Americans would have to share with Indians, Bangladeshis, etc. And a wider boundary of “ all humans to live now and in the future ” would mean even less wealth and stuff for the current generation, as we are using non-renewable resources at rates millions of times faster than they can be replenished. An even wider boundary would include other species.

Generally, the wider the boundary one uses, the more complex the answers one gets. Human tendency is to focus on the present (time bias) and what


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