Reality Blind - Vol. 1

incredibly brief, a stroboscopic flash in geological and evolutionary time. Even if the consequences of injecting more CO 2 into the atmosphere didn’t place an existential limit on how much could be burned in a non-suicidal way (a real game-changer), the extractable resource amounts are quite finite. The Bottom Line: Once you eat your cake, it’s gone. And our fossil energy cake will be essentially gone in the next century or two. Perhaps far sooner.

Oil: You Gotta Find It Before You Can Burn It

Summary: It stands to reason that before you eat something, you must find it. Similarly, you must find oil before you can extract it and consume it. And the interesting thing is, most oil companies are not even prospecting much for oil anymore; instead, they are trying to figure out ways to access oil fields that have already been discovered, by making deals with various nations, or by buying companies that own oil drilling rights to already- discovered oilfields. So, why aren’t they “drill -baby-drill ” -ing like some people have asked them to? Because drilling is expensive, and drilling where


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