Reality Blind - Vol. 1

actually ever “develop” in the sense that the USA did because the best energy and resources – having been shipped away to make stuff for the rich - won’t exist to make that possible. The greatest privilege of all may have been to be born a human, in the last 100 years, in a “developed” nation. If you ask a Bangladeshi, or a Nigerian, a dolphin, or one of your descendants, which privilege had they most wished Westerners had made fairer, what do you think they would say? Lastly, how much of the spoils of energy privilege are effectively ‘energy porn’? In the same way that pornography acts as a supernormal stimulus that tricks human brains into doing something useless, and temporary at a cost of missing out on what’s real, so too is waving those exosomatic energy wands around doing things that are mostly useless, temporary and at a cost of missing – permanently – what is real.

The Bottom Line: The ultimate privilege is energy privilege, and we in the Western developed nations are reaping the benefits.


Summary: One main reason why both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump resonated with voters in the 2016 election is that, most American voters know that they are falling behind. As we recall from the cucumber/grape videos with monkeys, even if we have enough to eat, seeing others getting significantly more causes anxiety, stress, jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, rage, injustice- basically a spectrum of the most intense emotions humans


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