Reality Blind - Vol. 1

biomass, and any tapping of solar, wind, and water flows along with relevant technology which you find to be actually sustainable without a fossil- energy subsidy. One way or another, you’re on your way back to a steady-state human economy. That means a LOT of change will happen to your “exo” pyramid between now and then. Whether it’ll happen smoothly or abruptly, planned or unplanned, voluntarily or accompanied by the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, is an answer to be determined by the tug-of-war between your gene agendas and your budding sapience. But you knew I’d say that, right? You’re getting smarter already! A question for the young people in America reading this: will going from 50x richer than your ancestors to 20x richer than your ancestors really be a disaster? The Bottom Line: Our modern energy consumption pyramid is much, much taller than our ancestors’, and only a small -but increasing - percent of it goes to “getting” energy. This percentage will increase quite a bit this century.

Energy Privilege


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