Reality Blind - Vol. 1

and damn the consequences to your world, your progeny, and your societies.

Money is many things to many people, but first and foremost it is a way of misunderstanding energy. Your money is a claim on the product of future energy expenditures but is not tied in a realistic way to the future energy supply of your society. All bets are off when one creates unlimited amounts of money, with or without helicopters involved.

The Bottom Line: Beyond a certain level of resource scarcity, all money becomes helicopter money.

Energy Part 6 - Energy and Technology

The Impact of Higher Energy Prices on Mechanization

“But our energy slaves will soon be going away forever. We are just now passing through the all- time peak of liquid hydrocarbon availability. Every year from now on we’ll have fewe r fossil energy slaves, until we’re back to the times centuries ago when biomass and human muscle made up the energy we had available.” Ugo Bardi


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