Reality Blind - Vol. 1

Except that’s insane, because it’s not based on consideration of systematic physical-world limits. So, under the gene agenda, you will increasingly create many more IOU’s on future net energy than will ever be paid back. (Wait ‘til you get to the section about where money comes from! Brain freeze!) So, one winds up with lots of hominids walking around feeling richer than they really are, which is arguably harmless and really kind of nice. Until, and unless, they all try cashing in their IOU’s at once.

The Bottom Line: Money is primarily an (imperfect) marker for real capital.

What are “Jobs,” Exactly?

Summary: In 1930, the influential economist John Maynard Keynes famously predicted that in 100 years (by around 2030) Americans would be made so rich by all the technology and the natural resources they could exploit that they would only need to work fifteen hours per week . He was right. Indeed, one could make a good case for it being closer to 5 hours. Our exosomatic footprint in America (and Canada) is now almost one hundred times what our bodies require. 130 Even if we include health care, housing and other infrastructure, we have far more than we need to lead decent, comfortable lives of leisure. Yet we continue to be exposed to cultural signals, via advertising and institutional control and the actions of


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