Reality Blind - Vol. 1

like you much, because nobody has yet built the tracks at the ride’s end.

It’s no coincidence th at money and energy use are tightly correlated. Energy is real and money ain’t. Energy is what makes things happen, so to the extent money were to become uncorrelated to it, it would mean that “money” was decoupling from the real world. When that happens, it isn’t always good news. The Bottom Line: We use energy for every good and service that contributes to GDP. Energy use and economic growth are tightly linked. There is little ‘dematerialization’ globally.

The Metabolism of Humanity

Summary: Biological scaling laws follow the natural, emergent outgrowth of networks — in the case of animals, a blood circulatory network which transports hemoglobin throughout the ‘volume’ of the organism. Kl ei ber’s Law observes the energy metabolism of animals is proportional to their mass scaled to the ¾ power. 122 The flow of petroleum through modern


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