Reality Blind - Vol. 1

it naturally follows by archaic human custom that anyone who can dig some up on “their” land has a right to burn them and degrade the global oxygen commons (and thus climate, seas, and all else), which – not to put too fine a point on it – I consider insane. It’s a fundamental category error which is having grave results. Do me a favor, human, and drop the phrase “fossil fuels” from your grammar. Call them flammable fossils, carbon compounds, dead diatoms, anything else you like, but don’t succumb to the narrative fallacy which makes it seem sensible to define them as “fuels.” Some of the most intransigent errors are made by using inappropriate descriptors, because too many of you think only in words. In the presence of enough oxygen, you’d burn quite handily too; but that doesn’t make you fuel .

The Bottom Line: Our present and future are currently based on finite gifts from the past.


“Civilization itself rests upon the soil.” – Thomas Jefferson

Summary: Although we often use the phrase “cheap as dirt,” soil is immensely valuable. It is the utterly vital interface between the mineral crust


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