Reality Blind - Vol. 1

rectifying them. We hope to build bridges across typical demographic labels and spur conversations on what a sapient species might aspire to beyond our current cultural directives .

In the following pages, we will give short overviews of scientific themes central to our thesis that humans are in a predicament and why , and how we can change. It is hoped that our work will give you a greater grasp of the complex challenges facing humanity this century, as well as inspiration on how to live meaningful, effective and enjoyable lives.


Here is an introduction from TaaL, our alien observer, who has volunteered to give his uncensored opinion:

(TaaL stands for T hrough a n a lien L ens - TaaL )

Greetings, humans . I’ve been asked to contribute my perspectives to this project and am happy to oblige. Indeed, I’m obliged to oblige, because such requests must be honored under the treaty which gives my species galactic intellectual property rights to jokes about humans, which are a currently popular interstellar trade medium. So, from your point of view I’m a space alien, and from my point of view you are space aliens, exc ept of course I know that you physically exist, and you think I’m a journalistic device. The potential downside, from my point of view, is that if you actually incorporate the stuff in this presentation into your worldview, you’ll eventually become less fu nny. Long-lived species aren’t inherently humorous—how many really funny trilobite jokes do you know? It’s the tragedy and comedy of dysfunctional species which produce the improbable jokes and stories worthy of broadcast to the stars. The thorax-slapping hilarity which can emerge from the chaos and complexity of existence. And in that regard your current situation is a thick vein of ore. My stating this is not meant as criticism. My own species was hilarious 400,000 years ago. Since then, not so much. We’r e mostly just content now, which I can strongly recommend. We laugh a lot but have had to look outside ourselves for the truly preposterous. And in that, we find ourselves in your debt. Your species calls itself Homo sapiens – “wise man” - but that is a self-bestowed designer license plate at this point and is aspirational at best. An honest taxonomy places you as one of three chimp species, genus Pan. Your great distinguishing characteristic, which has opened many doors, is your symbiosis with fire; and a powerful symbiosis it has been.


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