Reality Blind - Vol. 1

Energy Part 1 – Ecology and Energy

Ecology and Our Life Support Systems

Summary: Most of us are not taught about Earth’s ecology. From the oxygen, water, heat, cooling, photosynthesis, and production of food to the filtering of pollution, regenerative healing and myriad other benefits each of us receives every day from our pl anet’s ecosystems, we in America (and indeed most countries) are not taught much about the fundamental importance of ecology to our lives, unless we take a college -level specialized course. In our current “developed nation” society, k nowledge and education are geared around the economy. We study inventions, procedures, profits, supply chains, and computer networks - training and skills to get a job. And yet all of this human commerce rests on a living, breathing 87 , planet, the home we call Earth. Ecology is the study of how organisms and processes (chemical, energetic, and geological) interact with one another in their environment. The word ecology comes from the Greek word oikos, or home.


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