Reality Blind - Vol. 1

hypotheses. Of course, this puts them at a huge disadvantage since humans will always follow someone who sounds absolutely confident over someone who expresses a nuanced opinion. This is why one hears so few mainstream scientists on daytime talk radio, which are instead rife with inflammatory political pundits. These days, there are so many TV and radio channels on Earth that your species has self-sorted into an orgy of confirmation bias as their favorite personality repeatedly tells them what they want to hear, validating their fears and helping rationalize their compromises. And the internet! The internet has done for confirmation bias what the pyramids did for stone- carving.

The Bottom Line : You won’t get much confirmation bias reward from this book. (or maybe you will…).

Consensus Trance

“ If there is one message, it is this: we cannot let other people do our thinking for us .” - Albert Bartlett, physicist


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